Garden Sculptures

Public Sculptures of David Black

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Fire Dance . Edison Circle, Centennial Park, Ft. Myers, FL. H25' x 20'' x 23'. Aluminum, red. 2011

Liftoff . City Vista Plaza, K St. at 5th St., NW, Washington DC. .H20'' x 30' x 40'. Aluminum, yellow. 2009

Turning Points . Wright State University, Dayton, OH. Plaza designed by sculptor. H17' x 26' x 26'. Aluminum, red, granite pillars. 1998

Windpoint . Collection, Utsukushi-ga-Hara Museum, Nagano, Japan. "Shikanai" 1st prize, Henry Moore International Sculpture Competition.. H17' x 26' x 26'. Aluminum, white. 1985

Outlook . Zanesville Art Center , Ohio. Invited Commission. Plaza designed by sculptor. H23' x 27' x 17'. Aluminum, red. 2007
Jetty . Island Park, Belmont, CA, San Francisco Bay Area. .K.G. Land/ California (Kumagai Gumi, Japan) Invited competition. . H20' x 22' x 32'. Aluminum, white. 1990
Sonora . Plaza, main library. Tucson, AZ. .National open competition, Tucson/ Pima Arts Council. H25' x 43' x 50'. Steel, red. 1991
Open Skies . Hutchison Institute, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, AK. .National open competition. H19' x 25' x 33'. Aluminum, white. 2005
Flyover . Memorial to the Wright Brothers. Dayton, OH. .International competition. H42' x 24' x 150'. Stainless steel, aluminum, tile. 1996
Rapids . City of Cedar Rapids, IA. Plaza designed by sculptor. National competition. H20' x 42' x 46'. Stainless steel. 1999
Quadrant . Central Michigan State University, Mt. Pleasant, MI. .National competition. H24' x 32' x 43'. Aluminum, white. 1988
Portside . Clarkson University, Potsdam, NY, Cheel Memorial. (Shown at Taft Museum exhibition, Cincinnati.) H35' x 14' x 50'. Aluminum, white. 1984
Solar Station . Pittsburgh, PA. .Invited exhibition, Three-Rivers Arts Festival. H17' x 30' x 40'. Aluminum, yellow. 1985
Coastline . Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH. . Putman Collection. H17' x 40' x 50'. Alumininum, white. 1983
New Arcadia . College Park, Kalamazoo, MI. Natonal invitational competition. H20' x 50' x 40'. Aluminum, white. 1987

Breaker . Wexner Center for the Arts, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH. H21' x 65' x 30'. Aluminum, white. 1982

Inner Circles . Youngstown State University, Youngstown, OH. O.A.C. competition. H16' x 21' x 22'. Aluminum, red. 1996
Euclid's Circle . University Circle, Euclid Ave. at Mayfield, Cleveland, OH. Putnam Sculpture Collection commission. Case Western Reserve University. H16' x 36' x 22'. Aluminum, white. 1995
Ottawa Gate . Ottawa Park, entrance, Toledo, OH. Greater Toledo Arts Commission. Collaborative competition, with entrance landscape. H24' x 40' x 50'. Aluminum, white; brick pillars, low brick walls. 1994
Crossings . Fort Wayne Museum of Art, IN. entrance. Commission. H18' x 30' x 40'. Aluminum, white. 1984
Rotunda Fountain . City of Hammond, IN. National competition. Plaza designed by sculptor. H27' x 50' x 56'. Aluminum, white; stainless steel, integral lighting. 1999-2000.
Viewpoint . Cinncinatti State Community College. O.A.C. competition, Columbus, OH. H22' x 29' x 36'. Aluminum, white. 1997
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