Biography of David Black
David Black
David Black, internationally recognized for his monumental public sculptures, currently works in open, walk-under structures he terms 'proto-architecture'; that is, they combine architectural elements--pillars, arches, open canopies, use of light--with the energy and references of sculpture. His community landmarks engage their environments spatially, as well as culturally, connecting strongly with the viewer. Black's projects are serious and complex, but lifted by buoyancy and spirit.
Sculptor's sketches

Numerous honors have been awarded him during his long career, including:

DAAD German government invitational (two-year) grant to live in Berlin, Germany, where Die Neue Nationalgalerie commissioned 22' Skypiece for its sculpture courtyard and held a major one-man exhibition of his sculpture, "David Black in Berlin". This exhibition later showed at the Wilhelm Lembruck Museum, Duisburg, Germany.

A Fulbright fellowship to Italy for sculpture brought him to live and work in Florence.

Wind Point

In the US David Black won an "Individual Artist Grant" from the National Endowment for the Arts.

He has been presented an Ohio House of Representatives "Career Recognition Award".

More than 25 major sculpture projects - most the result of open competitions - are installed throughout the US, as well as in Germany and Japan:

Black's monumental Wind Point won the Shikanai, top prize, in Japan's Henry Moore International Sculpture Competition in Nagano, Japan. It is permanently installed at the entrance to the Utsukushi-ga-hara Art Museum, Japan.


Flyover, his 150' long stainless steel 'flight path' of the Wright Brothers' first flight, commemorates the aviation pioneers in their birthplace, here in downtown Dayton, Ohio. Flyover was chosen by the National Council of Structural Engineers Association for a national "Special Projects Award" in Seattle.


Jetty, a pavilion sculpture, is reflected in a lagoon in Belmont, California, San Francisco bay area.

Forty-five foot stainless steel Rapids is in downtown Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
Liftoff, Washington DC

David Black has mounted major exhibitions at museums and galleries in the US and Europe:

The Contemporaries Gallery and PS One, New York City. The Gilman Gallery, Chicago. The Taft Museum, Cincinnati. The Indianapolis Museum of Art. The Columbus Museum of Art. The University of Iowa Art Museum.The Dayton Art Institute. Die Neue Nationalgalerie, and Amerika Haus, Berlin. Lehmbruck Museum, Duisburg, Germany.

David Black was a professor of art at Ohio State University for many years. A native of Gloucester, Massachusetts, he received his BA, cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, from Wesleyan University-Connecticut, and his MFA, from Indiana University.
Sculptor afloat in native Gloucester.
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