David Black
David Black has long been recognized for his large scale public sculptures. He's a "hands-on" sculptor-innovator with wide interest in architecture, past and present. Using a complex abstract vocabulary, he creates buoyant, light infused sculptures and sculpture-pavilions of in-the-round, open visual movement and surprise. His sense of metaphor and formal resolution give the walk-in viewer a feeling of emotional vitality…of connectedness to his or her community, environment and time.
Fire Dance, Florida

"Of all the artists now that I know of, who make works that are meant for public space, David Black is, to my mind, unequivocally the most important. His work is both architecturally significant, the way it relates to the buildings surrounding it, and sculpturally significant, in terms of the play of its forms in three-dimensional space and the way it relates to, and in space. It's dynamic in space!"...

"...the pieces are very dynamic. They are full of flight and movement, rather than sitting heavily down on the earth. I would say that Black gives us the promise of community."

"Many of his pieces are architectural enclosures. That's part of the brilliance of the pieces, the mixing of modes, the hybrid character which, interestingly enough, is supposedly 'postmodern'."

Donald Kuspit, NY art critic and writer.

Excerpts from 'Interview with Donald Kuspit' video, "Black on White" by Umbrella Films-Berlin. Manhattan, September, 2000.

Open Skies, Alaska
Rotunda Fountain, Indiana

.....Euclid's Circle, Cleveland

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